Drs. Jordan, Miller and Mahajan


"Dr. Jordan made me feel comfortable right away. I had a toothache and she got me in and extracted the tooth the same day.  Dr. Jordan brought me relief after just one visit. She didn't make m feel bad for neglecting my teeth, and didn't try to sell me more treatment than I needed. Thanks Dr. Jordan! - George P.
Dr. Miller was incredibly responsive to the stress and pain I was experiencing. She listened to my needs and managed to bring me relief. I used to fear the dentist, but not any more! Thanks! - Veronica P.
Everyone says my teeth are beautiful.  Thanks Dr. Jordan-Shirley S.
Thanks Dr. Miller. You made me feel comfortable right away. Using your services was the best decision I ever made! - Phyllis B.
Not only do your cleanings make my teeth feel better, but they promote good health. I have never felt better! Thanks! - Bailey T.
Since coming there, I get complimented on my smile all of the time! Thanks so much! - Randy J.
When I injured my tooth during a 4-wheeler accident, I thought I would never smile again. Thanks to Dr. Jordan, I now have a beautiful smile again. Thanks! - Keith W.
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Drs. Jordan, Miller and Mahajan
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